Our Escape Rooms


Hard Time

Your team of elite army file clerks has been mistaken for an infamous crack commando unit. Accused and convicted of crimes you didn't commit, you are one hour away from being transferred to a maximum security stockade for the remainder of your soon-to-be miserable lives. Another file clerk, posing as a hardened jailer, believes you are innocent and has laid the foundation for your escape! Handcuffed and separated, your team must avoid panic and somehow work together to escape.

Hard Time is a great room for new players to experience escape rooms and for experienced players to just have fun!

Murder on Broadway Street

Dateline 1925. It's the height of Prohibition in Lubbock, Texas. Local accountant Tommy "The Loose End" Malloy has been murdered. Unknown to most, Malloy also ran an illegal speakeasy bar for the his criminal-type clients on Broadway Street. Malloy's wife has hired you to investigate her husband's death and, hopefully, to discover the location of his fortune. Unfortunately for you, Malloy's ledgers are missing and his clients are preparing to burn down the speakeasy to keep their secrets safe.

Murder on Broadway Street is our most challenging room! Be sure to bring your A-game on this one!



Uncle Eddie's Bunker

Every family has an Uncle Eddie. You know, that guy who believes that Canadians are going to invade us from the polar north and take our land? Well, your Uncle Eddie has died and left you the keys to his remote Canadian Doomsday Bunker.TM. Once inside, you will be trapped in Uncle Eddie's bunker where you will be put to the test from beyond the grave by giving you 3,600 seconds to find his will giving you his land or FACE CERTAIN DOOM. Muahahahaha.

Uncle Eddie's Bunker is a puzzle-rich environment. In our experience, it is more difficult than Hard Time but not as challenging as Murder on Broadway!


The world has been and is being ravaged by a terrible virus. As humanity suffers the horrible consequences of an unchecked and fatal disease, your team from the Centers for Disease Control has been tasked with looking for exotic fringe solutions to this plague. Your research has taken you to a long-abandoned and forgotten facility deep below the earth. Once inside, you and your team will race the outbreak containment protocol to prevent your death, the destruction of a potential cure, and the demise of humanity.

Outbreak is a challenging and intense puzzle that will test your nerve, reasoning, and teamwork. Good luck!